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i2recycle is a recycled waste management and consulting company. Founded in 2011 We have years of recycling management experience and as a longstanding integral part of the community believe in fundamentality transforming our areas current waste management practices to a more sustainable path of waste reduction and recycling.

Caring & Integrity

We continue to invest in the community with education, sponsorships, and participation. We continually push the envelop of what is perceived as normal waste disposal through zero waste events, educational series, and outside the box waste collection and reduction programs.

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Our services include consulting and educating on sustainable recycling solutions, collecting/hauling recyclable materials, selling and repairing the equipment required to manage recyclable waste, creative solutions for brokering the recyclable commodities, Our services are designed to be comprehensive, scalable, sustainable, and promote environmental stewardship for the areas we serve.


Family Owned
& Operated

i2 Recycle Collection Services

i2recycle began as a family owned and operated recycled waste management company. We began in 2011 to serve the communities need for comprehensive recycling expert. Our first services included:

  • mixed recycling collection
  • loose cardboard collection
  • consulting

In 2013 we expanded our operations into residential markets and commercial markets as far as Savannah GA.

In 2015 the recycling materials market was beginning a significant downturn. To diversify we expanded our services to collecting baled cardboard, residential solid waste and recycling, and metal collection.

To bring i2recycle to the forefront of recycling and to offer a truly comprehensive recycling programs and service, in 2018 we expanded into the sales and repair of waste handling equipment.

Over the past 10 years of servicing the area i2recycle has maintained its core mission and grown to compensate for changing markets. We now offer program consulting, recycled materials collection, equipment sales and repair, and materials brokering.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer the best customer centric recycling service and add enduring value to the environment and the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote waste recycling and waste reduction using technology, education, and collaboration to reduce the stresses on our environment, enhance our communities quality of life , and provide opportunity for economic prosperity.

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