Christmas Joy

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              Christmas can be a bit overwhelming, even for  Santa Claus. So this year, Santa got a head start on his duties by  delivering over 2,000 toys a little earlier than his December 25th deadline. He even asked some Lowcountry locals to be his Elves and lend him a hand.  I2 Recycle, a local commercial recycling consulting company, were thrilled to be Santa’s Helper and began distributing the toys this week to several local charities and churches.


Volunteers worked through the weekend and into the night to organize and palletize the toys, which are headed to, amongst others, Toys for Tots and Deep Well. The mother and daughter team of Donna Bair and Kim Bennett orchestrated the big job with the help of many smiling faces.  “This is what Christmas is supposed to be about”, said Kim.  Wiping away streaks of tears and a bit of elbow grease, her mother Donna beamed in pride as she took a moment to watch both her children work; as Kim’s brother, Kevin Kelly, was also knee deep in toys.     


“I2 Recycle is so proud to be at the forefront of this wonderful effort. We’d like it if we could help to bring a toy to every needing child in our area”, said Mike Bennett, CEO of I2.


Behind him worked a small army of weekender elves, moving tons of Nerf Toys and Baby Dolls, while Tickle Me Elmo’s giggled and hundreds of board games were being stacked neatly: awaiting Santa’s local step in, Chris and Lisa Kennedy who were happily tasked with delivering the toys this week.


“What a Great day!” the couple echoed in unison. “What a special feeling to be apart of the giving today”, Chris finished for them.


The toys will begin the final leg of their journey to the most important people in this story, the children. And by week’s end I2 Recycle confirmed that every single one of the thousands of toys will find a home with a child of The Lowcountry by Christmas morning this year.


In this, too often, cold world, let us all stop for at least one moment and feel the warmth of the spirit of giving.  On behalf of its’ many supporters: including Experience Green, Coligny Plaza, Sea Pines Center, and Tony Wartko of The Sea Pines Resort and all the Elves we couldn’t name here today: I2 Recycle wishes you and yours joy for the Holidays.


For more information please call I2 Recycle at 785-4222 or send an email via there website at

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