• Wine Fest 2013 Sustaining Its Heritage

    Wine Fest 2013 was another great success for the islands annual event.  A sunny spring day set the tone for the guests who came to taste  a  mix of select wines and mingle with good company. As with last years event i2recycle coordinated the solid waste and recycling for the more than 30 vendors and approximatley 3000 guests. This year the event produced 1680 lbs of Single Stream ...

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  • Christmas Joy

                  Christmas can be a bit overwhelming, even for  Santa Claus. So this year, Santa got a head start on his duties by  delivering over 2,000 toys a little earlier than his December 25th deadline. He even asked some Lowcountry locals to be his Elves and lend him a hand.  I2 Recycle, a local commercial recycling consulting company, were thrilled to be Santa’s Helper and began ...

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  • Experience Green – Learning Sustainability

    If you live around the Hilton Head area, you probably thought i2 Recycle was the only group out there focused on environmentally sustainable solutions for our daily lives. Fortunately for the planet, there are other organizations that share our same goals – even in our own backyard. We feel privileged to be associated with the non-profit organization Experience Green. Their mission is to, “build ...

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  • Save Your Corks! i2 partners with local restaurants and ReCork’s cork recycling program.

      Searching for more ways to recycle? There are multitudes of different ways you can support your local community on its path towards environmental sustainability. One unique way to do this is through cork recycling. With the help of Hilton Head Signs and ReCork, we are delighted to offer cork drop-off to four local restaurants. If you collect or have a stash of natural corks feel free to drop them off at the following locations:

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  • i2Recycle hits the “green” at the RBC Heritage PGA Tour event

      During South Carolina’s only PGA Tour event, i2 Recycle was in attendance and recycling for the Sea Pines Resort during the RBC Heritage tournament. While the golfers were competing on one of the best courses in America, we were busy managing the recycling and waste needs of the Sea Pines Resort. As you can see in the report of our work, we recycled ...

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