Total Recycled Tons to Date = 98.5805

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Ton's of Recycle Material | i2 Recycle, Hilton Head Island, SCHere at i2 Recycle, we know recycling! It’s all we do, and we are proud to provide a service that not only benefits our community but also the environment. Throughout the United States our society leaves a large “footprint” on the Earth, and we made it our mission to reduce this negative impact by providing an efficient service that will lead us toward the path of sustainability.

This year we have been very busy, and while not even half of the year has passed, we have produced fantastic numbers in our recycling totals. Below you will see the amount of recycled waste we have processed to date!

• Single Stream = 33.056 tons

• Cardboard = 39.4975 tons

• Metal = 14.5055 tons

• Documents = 10.7675 tons

• Compost = 0.754 tons

Total Recycled Tons to Date = 98.5805 tons

98.5 TONS! That is equivalent to the weight of a Boeing 757 or a seventy foot long Blue Whale. In addition, we have also recycled 249 wooden and plastic pallets. Let’s hope the second half of the year brings in as much, or even more recycling, so we can continue to help the environment and keep the Earth a cleaner place for our children.


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